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Friday, October 8, 2010

Why Us?

As a bride and groom plan a destination wedding, choosing the right company to work with is IMPERATIVE. It is important to find people who understand about traveling, who have a thorough knowledge and local insight about the destination you are selecting, but who also who have experience with wedding and honeymoon planning and strategy first hand. It is also important that they keep up to date with current wedding trends, that they incorporate and facilitate all the unique needs of brides who plan a wedding long distance. Ivory Orchid Events offers you all of that and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Why Ivory Orchid Events as my Destination Wedding Planner?

• What type of weddings can I choose from?

• How much will it cost me?

• Who will take care of my guests needs?

• Who will be working for me?

• Do you specialize in several destinations, or just Costa Rica?

• Why is it so hard to find information on wedding pricing online?

In a nutshell - Why Us?

  • We offer local knowledge of logistics and planning services, while offering a local office in the US to support your needs and rights.
  • Because we are affiliated to only high quality, long standing established destination management companies who can provide quality and price for EVERYTHING related to the event and your guest’s needs.
  • Because instead of checking your options one by one, from planner to planner, from hotel to hotel, you can check and compare everything within a centralized Costa Rica Wedding marketplace.
  • Because we are the only event planners that offer combined longtime experience in Costa Rica Travel Services and in North American hotel and wedding planning services.
  • Because we are convinced our quality of service is the best you will find here in the US and in Costa Rica!
  • Because you will be able to enjoy a risk-free destination wedding, while leaning on our expertise of local logistics and planning.
  • Because our team is local in both countries. We do not operate long distance on any phase of the process!
  • Finally, because we believe there is a perfect wedding for every budget and our job is to make it happen!

PLAN OF ACTION – Ready to begin your wedding plans?

With Ivory Orchid Events it’s as simple as:

1. Contact us by phone or email
2. Fill out a short questionnaire telling us about some of your interests so we can prepare relevant information to you.
3. We will call you to discuss your interests, answer questions and begin drafting a general selection of alternatives to present to you.
4. Select location, hotel and wedding type.
5. Plan your ceremony and reception details.
6. Select what services you would like to extend to your guests.
7. Rest easy, we do all the legwork with the Ceremony and Event and take care of your guests organization while you actually ENJOY your engagement!

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